With many California residents mired in credit card debt and back taxes, and some even being threatened with foreclosure, Bankruptcy attorney Craig Trenton offers Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in San Diego as a viable option. Pointing to concerns from homeowners as to the repercussions of filing for bankruptcy as a cause of trepidation, Craig asserts that “if people knew how quickly their credit scores can recover following a bankruptcy then many more people would be lining up to file.”

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in San Diego

Where Chapter 13 Bankruptcy puts foreclosure proceedings “on pause” for the purpose of reorganizing and reordering payments, Chapter 7 wipes the slate clean of various other debts, allowing the homeowner to focus solely on their home. Craig Trenton takes a multi-faceted approach to educating homeowners, most notably via his popular resource portal for current bankruptcy info, CaliforniaChapter13.com. This web page, in conjunction with the utilization of such social media as Facebook and Twitter, facilitates easy and immediate access to his expertise, which helps to negate some of the stress associated with such legal proceedings. According to Trenton, helping to reduce this stress is a principle goal of his offices.

Proudly exercising creativity and ingenuity in tackling each case, as no two are identical, our Bankruptcy Lawyers in San Diego are dedicated to providing sound counsel, equipping homeowners with the necessary tools to make informed decisions on how to manage their debt and affording them peace of mind. If you are seeking to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or if you have questions about which option may be right for you, you can call at 619-537-6656 to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with San Diego’s top bankruptcy attorney.